Artist Statement

The artist is conscious of something beside the mere physical in every object in nature. He feels its expression, he sympathizes with its character, he is impressed with its language; his heart, mind, and soul are stirred in its contemplation.
Albert Sands Southworth

The landscape came before the camera. I am a lifelong student of nature and wilderness and my beliefs were shaped early in life by the words of John Muir, Aldo Leopold, and Wallace Stegner long before I considered photography or making a life with it. I've long considered myself a naturalist first and artist second. Nature and wilderness are significantly more meaningful than beautiful places to make photographs; they are integral to my personal well-being and creativity.

The intimate and easy-to-overlook is the focus of my work. I am compelled by texture and form; the organic and the unnatural; and the unusual and ephemeral. My goal is to portray a personal communion I share with the land as well as the rare and transcendental moments it shares with me.

I work with both a high resolution Nikon DSLR system and Chamonix view cameras with film.