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Michael featured on WeTalk Photo Podcast (March 2023)

Video: History of Landscape Photography

Shoutout LA: Meet Michael E. Gordon

Voyage LA: Life & Work with Michael E. Gordon

The History Of Landscape Photography (F-Stop Collaborate and Listen)

Meaning in Photography, with Guy Tal & Harold Davis

Death Valley Sand Dunes Photography: A How-to Guide

published by The Image Flow

The Challenges of Desert Photography

published by World Nomads

Artist's Corner: The Desert Light

2018 essay/article from Desert Light Magazine

Color or Black and White?

Ruminations on the popularity of digital black and white conversions

Metaphorical Landscapes

The representational vs. the personal

Juried Photo Competitions & Exhibitions

Are they good for your career and sales? Which are the good ones?

The Maximum Depth of Field Myth in Landscape Photography

Does every nature and landscape photograph need to be razor sharp, near to far?

Towards a Personal Style

Can photographic style be taught or learned?

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Save time and increase your productivity with Photoshop keyboard shortcuts

Video: Excerpts from Michael's 'Introduction to Large Format Photography' workshops

Video: How-To Daylight Development of Black & White Sheet Film (4×5″)

Video: Introducing the Chamonix 045N-2 View Camera