Published: LensWork #161

February 2023

It is an honor and thrill to have a Featured Portfolio in LensWork #161 (February 2023)!

I began reading the award-winning LensWork at issue #25 (1999) and began subscribing by issue #50 (2004). For aficionados of monochrome photography, there never has been a more finely printed photographic journal. LensWork's duotone printing meets the highest caliber printing found in fine art museum-quality books, featuring deep blacks, rich tonality, and chocolaty warm hues that closely match my warm/sepia tone original prints. Like very other, the print quality of this issue is fantastic.

LensWork was first published in 1993 by photographer and writer, Brooks Jensen, and established itself by featuring inspirational luminaries and friends such as André Kertész; Bruce Barnbaum; Michael Kenna; Wynn Bullock; Nick Brandt; Huntington Witherill; John Sexton; Guy Tal; Mitch Dobrowner; Chuck Kimmerle; Joseph Kayne; Dan Baumbach; William Neill; Lynn Radeka; Morley Baer; Christopher Burkett; Carl Chiarenza; Gary Wagner; Franka M. Gabler; Larry Mendenhall; Gary Anthes; and many other great artists and photographers. It is a thrill to finally see my own work on these pages - thank you, LensWork!

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