Artist Statement

The artist is conscious of something beside the mere physical in every object in nature. He feels its expression, he sympathizes with its character, he is impressed with its language; his heart, mind, and soul are stirred in its contemplation.
Albert Sands Southworth

The landscape came before the camera. I am a lifelong student of nature and wilderness, and my beliefs were shaped by the words of John Muir, Aldo Leopold, and Wallace Stegner long before I considered photography or its role as a fine art. Nature and Wilderness mean significantly more to me than mere locations in which to make my photographs - these landscapes are integral to my creativity and soul.

The intimate and overlooked are the focus of my work. I am compelled to photograph texture, line, and form; the organic and the unnatural; and the unusual and ephemeral. My artistic goals lie not in representing superficial beauty, but rather in portraying my personal communion with the land and the rare but transcendental moments and stories it has shared with me.

My camera of choice is a 4x5” view camera; not just because I can make larger and more detailed prints, but because I can control focus and depth, create a mood, or tell a story. Many of my newest works (particularly in my Desert and The Joshua Tree series) are made using a 100-year-old diffused focus lens and a new way of looking at the landscape.